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How To Delete WOT Account | Close Account

How To Delete WOT Account:- Hi! Are you looking for a way to close/cancel/delete/remove your WOT Account? If yes, then you have found it. Moreover, all you need to do is to pause and read this article thoroughly and carefully.

Meanwhile, our website users flood our mailbox with requests on how to delete their accounts from the WOT website. After some research on this topic, we found that some users are not using the website/app anymore. This, alongside other reasons, are why they want to delete their accounts.

However, if your reason for deleting this account is email spamming, then you don’t have to worry. We recommend that you mark the mail as spam when you open it. On the other hand, you can unsubscribe from their newsletters. To unsubscribe from their newsletters, Just tap on the unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received. Nevertheless, if your reason for deleting your account is otherwise, here is a step-by-step method on how to close your account from the website.

How To Delete WOT Account

Many other sites could use WOT’s deletion policy as an example: your info will be deleted and submissions will be attributed to ‘anonymous’.

Go to http://www.mywot.com/en/community
Click your username after “welcome back,”
Find the button that says “Edit profile” and click it
Scroll down until you see “Delete Account”
Confirm you wish to delete your account.

Lastly, I’m convinced that this article met your need for the moment. Also, I’m sure that you would like to read more similar/related articles. To read similar articles or get more information on this topic, visit this website always for the latest updates.

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